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What is the Eurovision Domains?
What domains are available for sale/rent?
Should I buy or rent a domain?
How long does it take to transfer a domain?
How can I contact

Question: What is the Eurovision Domains?
Answer: Eurovision Domains is a premium service for the sale and rental of domains exclusively related to Eurovision, created in partnership with and
Click HERE to learn more about Eurovision Domains.

Question: What domains are available for sale/rent?
Answer: All domains available for sale or rent in Eurovision Domains are listed in the updated list at
Click HERE and see the complete list of available domains.

Question: Should I buy or rent a domain?
Answer: Renting domains is nowadays an advantageous and more affordable way to own a domain name, instead of acquiring a domain for much higher values. On the other hand, the purchase of the domain is part of your assets with a tendency to increase in value and makes you the sole owner for as long as you wish.

Question: How long does it take to transfer a domain?
Answer: Once the domain transfer process is initiated by the new registrar, the transfer of most generic domains takes between 5 to 7 days (depending on the registrar) to be fully completed successfully.

Question: How can I contact
Answer: To contact us, to clarify any doubts or any additional clarification, just send us an email to our general contact or for contacts and support in Portuguese, contact to address
Visit the Contacts section where you will find all of our contacts.

info If in this section FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers) or anywhere on the website you cannot find the answer to the question, for any further questions or clarifications contact us at

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