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Renting domains is nowadays an advantageous and cheaper way to own a domain name, instead of acquiring ownership of a domain for much higher values...

Take the opportunity!

For example, imagine that you want to create your website for Eurovision fans, instead of buying and acquiring ownership of the domain you can always rent, given that at least during the minimum rental period, for sure that will complete the proposed objective of that project.

The process of RENT Domains at is quite simple, secure, uncomplicated and fast.
For greater security, a rental agreement will be made (with or without option to purchase) between both parties and during the rental period, the domain will be for your full enjoymen.

Minimum rental period: 3 MONTHS  Available
1 MONTH FREE OFFER after 3 month rental period.  
WEB HOSTING OFFER during the rental period.  
All rented domains are offered a free month after a 3-month rental period and a web hosting offer during the rented period.

NOTE: When renting a domain, you do not necessarily have to use the web hosting that is offered for free by You can, for example, forward the rented domain to your website (if you already have one), to your Blog, or forward it to a Facebook page, YouTube channel, etc...

If you want to RENT any of the domains available for sale at or for any questions or clarifications, please contact us at

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